The answer to 470 cm in inches is 185.0394 inches.

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7 Items That Are Approximately 470 cm to inches in Length

Curious about what items are roughly 470 cm in length? Here are some examples to help give you a visual understanding:

1. King-size Bed

A king-size bed typically measures around 183 cm by 203 cm, making it close to 470 cm in length. So if you ever need to measure your bed or a similar piece of furniture, remember that it’s approximately 470 cm in length from head to foot.

2. Four-door Sedan Car

A four-door sedan car can vary in length depending on the make and model, but typically ranges from 450-490 cm. This means that it falls within the range of approximately 470 cm, making it easier to visualize the size of your vehicle.

3. Standard Pool Table

A standard pool table is 290 cm in length, but when you include the cue sticks on either end, it is closer to 470 cm. If you’re a fan of playing pool, keep this measurement in mind when setting up your game area.

4. Average Human Height

The average height of a human is typically between 160-180 cm, which is around 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 11 inches. This means that if you stack three to four average humans on top of each other, they would measure approximately 470 cm in height.

5. Standard Doorway

A standard doorway in a home is usually around 200 cm in height and 70-80 cm in width. When you combine these measurements, they are close to 470 cm. So the next time you walk through a doorway, you’ll have a sense of its length.

6. Gymnastics Balance Beam

A balance beam used in gymnastics is 500 cm in length, but when you factor in the space before and after it, it’s around 470 cm. This highlights the importance of precise measurements in a sport like gymnastics.

7. Standard Shipping Container

A standard shipping container is 243 cm by 605 cm, giving it a length of 470 cm. These containers are used to transport goods all over the world and are an essential part of the global economy.

FAQs about 470 cm to inches

Q: How many inches is 470 cm?

As stated earlier, 470 cm is equivalent to 185.0394 inches. This conversion can come in handy when dealing with various measurements or when trying to visualize the size of objects.

Q: Are there any common household items that are 470 cm in length?

Some common household items that are approximately 470 cm in length include king-size beds, a standard pool table, and the total length of a four-door sedan car with the front and back bumpers included. Other household items may also fall into this range, but it may vary depending on the specific item and its measurements.

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