The conversion from centimeters to inches is a common calculation, especially for those who are used to the metric system. Essentially, centimeters are a measurement of length in the metric system, while inches are a measurement of length in the imperial system. While both units of measurement can be used to describe the same thing, sometimes it is necessary to convert between the two to communicate effectively. Here, we will provide a straightforward answer to the question “138 cm to inches” and provide some examples of items that are approximately 138 cm in length.

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7 Items That Are Approximately 138 cm in Length

Now that we know the formula for converting centimeters to inches, let’s see some examples of items that are approximately 138 cm in length:

  • Average Height of a 9-Year-Old Child: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average height of a 9-year-old male is approximately 138 cm, while the average height of a 9-year-old female is approximately 137 cm.
  • Standard Adjustable Weight Bench: Many standard weight benches have an adjustable leg panel that can extend up to 138 cm in length to accommodate different leg lengths while performing exercises.
  • Standard Sofa or Couch: A standard sofa or couch is typically around 138 cm in length. This length allows for comfortable seating for three adults.
  • Medium-Sized Dog Crate: For pet owners, a dog crate measuring approximately 138 cm in length is perfect for containing medium-sized dogs while traveling or for house training.
  • Dining Table for Six People: A standard dining table for six people is usually around 138 cm in length, providing ample space for dining and enjoying meals with family or friends.
  • Single Bed or Twin Mattress: A single bed or twin mattress is typically 138 cm in length, making it suitable for young children, teens, or adults.
  • Foldable Ping Pong Table: For those who enjoy playing ping pong, a standard foldable ping pong table is around 138 cm in length and can easily be stored away when not in use.

FAQs about 138 cm to inches

Q: How many inches are in 138 cm?

A: There are approximately 54.33 inches in 138 cm. This can be calculated by multiplying 138 by 0.393701.

Q: What is the purpose of converting centimeters to inches?

A: Many countries, including the United States, use the imperial system of measurement, which includes inches. By converting centimeters to inches, we can communicate length more effectively and easily compare measurements between different systems.

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